Fertigation & Chlorination

The Israeli-made MixRite range of Hydraulic Proportional Dosing Pumps is most commonly used in the dairy industry to add minerals (for example: magnesium, zinc, anti-bloat) to drinking water for cows.

However, the same pumps are often also used for many other applications, including fertigation and disinfection.


Fertigation is the term used when applying fertiliser to crops and plants directly though the irrigation system. It has significant advantages over conventional broadcast methods because it enables far greater control in terms of timing, control of quantities, and accuracy of application.

MixRite Proportional Pumps allow for accurate fertigation via irrigation on differently sized blocks without having to change pump settings. This results in savings on the amounts of water and fertiliser required.

MixRite Pumps can be installed in parallel when A & B fertiliser solution is used, or when the total flow rate is beyond the capacity of a single pump.

When using a single fertiliser, an in-line installation is preferred.

For high flow (above 25m3h), either a parallel install of 2 or more pumps, or a bypass install, can be used. The bypass option diverts a small amount of the total flow via the bypass to inject the fertiliser.

Careful calculations and design are required to ensure that the system can cope with different sized blocks, and that the correct levels of nutrients are delivered to crops.


MixRite Pumps are used for the disinfection of water-lines, storage tanks, and surfaces.

The most commonly used application is CHLORINATION

 i.e. the process of adding chlorine to drinking water to disinfect it and kill germs.

Most NZ town-supply systems already use this process, and it can be done safely and easily for home water supply systems (from bore or rain collection), as well as for water supply to  chicken houses, piggeries, dairy sheds, and similar.

A MixRite chlorination pump sized to the line-flow will allow easy adjustment of dose rates to achieve a correct Free Available Chlorine level (normally 1-3ppm) regardless of water-flow fluctuations.

In some applications, Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is a preferred water disinfectant as it is odourless, more potent, and has a longer shelf/activity life than Chlorine. MixRite Dosing Pumps are compatible with Hydrogen Peroxide.

Where thorough cleaning of surface areas is required (e.g. Meatworks and Food Preparation plants), MixRite Dosing Pumps are used to accurately supply the required amounts of soaps, chemicals, or disinfectants. 

Please contact us to find the MixRite Pump best-suited to your application.