MixRite NZ – Tefen Israeli Hydraulic Dosing Pump Suppliers (Dosatron Alternative)

Supply and Repair of dosing pumps in NZ (also known as metering pumps, inline dispensers or acid injectors), for the injection of chemicals and minerals into pressurised water lines. We supply Israeli-made Tefen dosing pumps – an excellent Dosatron alternative in NZ.

  • Accurate injection into any pressure waterline.
  • No power or water meters required.
  • Simple installation, operation and service.
  • High UV resistance.
  • Suitable for anti-bloat oil, copper, zinc, salt and many other mineral injection applications.

Our hydraulic dosing pumps are used for:


MixRite injectors are used to add exact dosages of medications, vitamins, minerals and vaccinations into livestock watering systems. When used with cleaning agents, MixRite assists in disinfecting and cleaning lines and installations.


MixRite metering pumps apply fertilizers and chemicals though an irrigation system in the slow and constant quantities required for steady growth. By applying such nutrients close to the roots, leaching or dentrification (gaseous) losses of nitrogen can also be avoided.

Landscaping / Gardening Fertigation Pumps

The MixRite Fertigation unit is fitted as part of the irrigation system. It adds a small and measured amount of liquid fertilizer to the irrigation main line every time the system runs. Our fertigation pump system boosts turf and plant growth.

Dosing pump

Chlorination Pumps

Chlorination pumps are an effective solution for the disinfection of water supplies.


MixRite inline dispensers are widely used in greenhouses to pump an additive into a water line at a consistent induction rate over varying water pressure and flow rates. This process, injecting additives using only water power, is accurate and simple.


MixRite are chemical-resisting dosing injectors used to accurately inject a range of additives into a water or liquid line. These processes include: diluting emollient oils and detergents; diluting waxes and disinfectants; adding lubricants and acid.

General Purpose

MixRite dosing pumps are the ideal unit for any operation requiring the proportional dosing of an additive into a liquid line. Its capability to perform at a consistent induction rate over varying water pressure and flow rates, without any external power source, gives it widespread applications.