About MixRite Dosing Pumps NZ

Supplying Israeli-made Tefen Hydraulic Dosing Pumps

We provide the supply and repair of dosing pumps in NZ (also known as metering pumps, inline dispensers or acid injectors). MixRite Proportional Injectors provide a high quality, well priced and easily serviced Dosatron alternative in NZ. Benefits include:

  • Accurate injection into any pressure waterline
  • No power or water meters required
  • Simple installation, operation and service
  • High UV resistance
  • Suitable for anti-bloat oil, copper, zinc, salt and many other mineral injection applications
mixrite tefen dosatron alternative good for livestock cows

Our hydraulic dosing pumps are used for:

  • Livestock dosing, including medication, vitamins and vaccinations
  • Irrigation
  • Landscaping and fertigation
  • Chlorination
  • In greenhouses
  • Industrial and general purposes

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