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MixRite dosing pumps are a simple, user-friendly and ingenious system.

They have demonstrated their value in over 90 countries.

We work hard to minimise your costs and any environmental waste by repairing rather than replacing whenever possible.

If you’re looking to ensure the optimal performance, maintenance, and longevity of your MixRite dosing pumps, you’ve come to the right place.

Product brochures

Discover the power of MixRite dosing pumps through our informative brochures. Gain insights into their efficiency, innovation, and optimal performance.

Trust MixRite NZ for reliable and effortlessly controlled dosage solutions.

Instruction manuals

These manuals offer step-by-step instructions for the installation and operation of MixRite dosing pumps. 

Our manuals include troubleshooting guides, just in case. When it comes to prompt and effective maintenance and minimising downtime, this information is very handy.

Dosing pump parts and service kits 

Our service kits let you address issues promptly without having to remove the dosing pump from the line or send it away for servicing. Contact us for dosing pump parts for on-site repairs, and cost-efficient maintenance.

Part & Service Kits

dosing pump price list

3.5 2830100CL00 1%-10%, CL, LFR

TF5 Air Releaser

TF 5 Air Releaser


TF 10 BSP NPT Air Releaser 

cellular remote

TF 25 Manual OnOff CL 

2802010C001 MixRite 2.5 , 1% , C kits

2.5 2802010C001 0.1-0.9%,C Kit

TF5 Air Releaser

2.5 2802010C001 0.1-0.9%,C

2.5 2802020C000 Air Release 0.3-2%,C Kit

2.5 2802020C000 Air Release 0.3-2%,C Kit

2802021C001 MixRite 2.5 ,2% ,OnOff ,C

2.5 2802010C001 0.3-2% OnOff, C

2802040C000 MixRite 2.5, 4%, C-kits

2.5 2802040C000 0.4-4% ,C Kit

2802041C001 MixRite 2.5 ,4% ,OnOff, C

2.5 2802041C001 0.4-4% OnOff, C

2802021C001 MixRite 2.5 ,2% ,OnOff ,C

2802020CL00 MixRite 2.5, 2%, CL kits

Why choose MixRite

Tefen’s MixRite water-driven dosing pumps ensure precise additive injection directly into the water or fluid line under various flow rates, feed ratios and different ranges of pressure. The clever, water-driven and electric pumps are suitable for a variety of applications, such as medication for livestock, cleaning or disinfecting fluid lines, sanitising water systems, house washing or cost-effective fertigation. 

Manufactured from engineered composite materials to withstand the rigours of the elements, as well as chemicals and acids for injection, these injectors are extremely durable.

MixRite’s injectors are adaptable, simple to use and cost-effective while creating a long-lasting solution for your farm, orchard, nursery, greenhouse growing operation, or food production or manufacturing plant.

MixRite NZ is based in North Shore, Auckland.

We hold a full stock of dosing pump parts and kits for all pumps. Our well-stocked repair and service facility allows us to have a quick overnight turnaround time in most cases.


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