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chemical dosing pump

General Applications

Valuable tools in a variety of industries

MixRite dosing pumps provide a simple yet highly effective solution when precision dosing, consistency, efficiency, hygiene, and cost-effectiveness are key. Why? Because the non-electrical, chemical-resistant proportional liquid injectors means the dose of concentrate is proportional to the flow rate and remains precise and constant at all times. 

dosing pump application

1.  Water treatment and chlorination

Improve the quality of water for end-use such as drinking water in rural areas or for emergencies, industrial water supply or irrigation. MixRite pumps are the optimal solution. They can adapt to different flow rates and chemical concentrations, providing a solution for a range of water treatment needs. 

Extreme conditions or lack of electricity? No problem. MixRite pumps can provide accurate, reliable dosing, solely working by water pressure. 

MixRite dosing pumps ensure the safe, regulated injection of water treatment chemicals such as pH adjusters, chlorine or coagulants to help maintain overall water quality, prevent scale buildup, and address specific treatment requirements.

The precision of MixRite dosing pumps minimises chemical waste. This is particularly important in water treatment, where the right balance of chemicals is essential.

Thanks to their adaptability, MixRite pumps are suitable for both centralised and decentralised chlorination systems. Chlorine can be injected at various locations within the water distribution network to address localised water quality issues or variations in demand.

2.  Disinfection and sanitation

Sanitation and hygiene require exacting chemical mixing and injection solutions. When it comes to cleaning agents, chlorinated detergents, hydrogen peroxide, disinfectants, parasitic acids (PAA), or acid-based cleansers, MixRite pumps can withstand the lot. MixRite is the first choice for industrial settings or institutional hygiene applications. They can also be easily installed in fixed or mobile installations such as static mixers, maturing tanks, flow meters, etc.

Designed to be user-friendly, they allow for easy adjustment of dosing levels without the need for complex calibrations. 

3.  Food and beverage production

Cleanliness is paramount for product quality and safety. Our dosing pumps are suitable for additives such as flavourings or preservatives into food and beverage production processes.

To comply with industry standards, you need precision cleaning without the risk of residue buildup. Dosing pump use is integral to maintaining quality and consistency.

MixRite pumps ensure the accurate dosing of cleaning agents, thereby maintaining hygienic production standards and streamlining cleaning processes in production facilities. 

MixRite pumps are powered by water flow, with minimal loss of pressure. The water engine powers the proportioning unit, so no external power is required. The proportioning unit injects liquid additives into the water system in direct relation to the amount of water that passes through the motor. 

Built to withstand highly corrosive chemicals and various temperatures, our pumps and injectors will operate flawlessly across various stages of production, helping to maintain hygiene and product quality and meeting the food and beverage industry’s exacting standards with ease.

4.  House and plant washing

MixRite dosing pumps automate the dosing of detergents washing agents making it ideal for cleaning surfaces around a house or washing equipment in a plant. They simplify cleaning and reduce chemical waste. 

The pump can be connected to a cleaning solution which is then integrated into the water supply line. As water flows through the MixRite pump, it draws the cleaning solution and injects it into the water stream at a precise ratio. You get a well-mixed and accurately dosed cleaning solution that is then applied to the exterior surfaces of the house through a pressure washer or hose.

The user-friendly operation of the pump allows for easy adjustment of dosing levels.

MixRite dosing pumps bring precision, consistency, and adaptability

The benefits of using MixRite dosing pumps in general applications lie in exacting dosing, flexibility, reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. If you need more information on efficient and effective processes in chlorination, disinfection, water treatment, sanitation, food and beverage production or house and plant washing, then please get in touch.


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