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About Us

MixRite NZ is an Auckland based, family owned and operated business.

We carry a complete stock of all pumps, spare parts and kits. 
We  are strongly aware of how crucial these pumps are in many applications, and we pride ourselves on our quick response to queries and speedy despatch of pumps & parts.
We team up with most dairy & pump dealers around the country who are able to sell, install & service our pumps.
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The MixRite journey from Israel to New Zealand:

Shona and Amir Lahav began in the water industry in Israel, focusing on irrigation, filtration, and water management. In 1979, they tied the knot in New Zealand, and their family expanded with the birth of their first son, Jon, in Napier in 1982. A move back to Israel in 1983 saw the family living in a kibbutz, where Daniella and Ronen joined the family.

In 1994, the family relocated to New Zealand, and Amir dedicated 15 years to working with irrigation before venturing into water treatment companies. The idea for MixRite NZ took root in 2005, starting almost as a side hobby. Today, it operates as a thriving family business, with Jon and Ronen contributing to shows and admin, and Andrew (son-in-law) involved in new product developments.

With the support of our dedicated dealers and positive word of mouth, MixRite NZ has become a well-accepted choice across all market segments. Mixrite are the dosing pumps NZ farmers, horticulturalists, manufactures and food and beverage producers recommend thanks to our hard-earned reputation for top notch, super prompt service and the reduced maintenance costs and performance of these clever dosing systems.

Join the MixRite family

MixRite NZ is more than a business; it’s a testament to family values, innovation, and a commitment to providing New Zealand with superior dosing pump solutions. Explore our range, experience the MixRite advantage, and become part of a community that values precision, quality, and customer satisfaction.

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The MixRite advantage

Hydraulic dosing pumps NZ farmers, horticulturalists, manufacturers and food and beverage producers have trusted with their businesses since 2005.

Better Priced

At MixRite NZ, we understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in your operations. The MixRite range provides competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Better Technology – Israeli Made

Cutting-edge technology is embedded in every pump. Plastic non-corroding main springs, a double-lip motor seal, and fewer moving parts ensure durability and optimal performance even in the most challenging of environments.

Longer Run Between Service Cycles

Investing in MixRite means investing in reliability. Our pumps boast longer intervals between service cycles. Less downtime and fewer maintenance costs are a testament to robust design and quality engineering.

On-Site Repair/Service Convenience

We prioritise convenience. MixRite pumps come with a spare seal kit, so you can easily carry out and on-site repairs without the need for removal and shipping.

Fast, Personal, and Professional Technical Support

Whether you reach out to MixRite directly or through our network of trained dealers across NZ, expect prompt and expert assistance where and when you need it.

Family-run Business with a Rich History

MixRite’s family-run business model combines family values, industry experience, and a commitment to excellence.

MixRite dosing pumps NZ – where precision is matched by passion.

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