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Irrigation & Fertigation

MixRite pumps bring precision, efficiency, and adaptability to fertigation.

By optimising nutrient delivery, reducing manual labour, and responding to crop needs in real-time, MixRite proportional pumps are the best choice for the irrigation of farm crops, vegetable blocks, berry operations, orchards, nurseries and gardens. 

Fertigation or micro or trickle irrigation optimises water usage while ensuring precise nutrient delivery for healthier plants and improved crop yields. Through drippers or emitters, fertiliser can be applied directly to plant root zones. 

irrigation drippers
irrigation water pump

It’s all in the mix

When it comes to delivering the perfect mix of fertilisers, pesticides and other water-soluble products, MixRite dosing pumps are the answer. You can control nutrient delivery to suit the specific needs of different crops, soil types, and environmental conditions throughout the growing season.

Precision, adaptability, and efficiency 

The MixRite range of dosing pumps delivers fertiliser at a precise, repeatable ratio. Accurate control over timing and volume ensures delivery when it is most needed, minimises waste and you can flush fertiliser from lines and drippers at the end of each cycle. 

Why MixRite systems work so well

The system creates a fully proportioning dosing system that adapts to variations in the flow rate of the main fluid to maintain the predetermined ratio. 

The MixRite injector provides volumetric proportioning; it can accurately measure and inject a specific volume of additive in proportion to the water flow. The injector is supported by a sophisticated hydraulic assembly that helps regulate the flow and pressure of both the water and the additive. The combination between the two units means effective fertigation, even in challenging conditions.

Multiple fertiliser and additive options can be used:

  • A & B solution of nutrients (two dosing pumps required)
  • Single composition nutrients
  • Organic fertiliser, e.g. seaweed

The delivery choice is yours

Choose from a constant uniform injection ratio or proportional injection. The flexibility of the MixRite automated systems allows growers to make adjustments whenever necessary. 

MixRite offers a range of dosing pumps to suit any scale of growing operation. Water-powered MixRite pumps can be installed in remote areas where there is no electricity. Tefen’s MixRite E-300 electric dosing pump can be powered using mains electricity 230VAC or alternative network power sources, such as car batteries and 12VDC solar panel charged batteries.

MixRite E-300
irrigation system

A solution that keeps on giving

MixRite pumps are highly resistant to chemicals and UV radiation, providing a long-lasting solution. They are simple to install and maintain and are very cost-effective. We can supply MixRite models for different applications, according to growers’ needs.

MixRite pumps can revolutionise your fertigation

Automating the simultaneous application of water and fertilisers directly to crop roots through an irrigation system reduces manual labour and gives you more time to focus on growing great crops.

Precision, efficiency, and adaptability

Please contact us for advice on your irrigation and fertigation needs and how MixRite can help your operation grow.


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