Irrigation & fertigation

MixRite proportional dosing pumps can enhance the irrigation of farm crops, vegetable blocks, orchards, nurseries and gardens.

Irrigation is the artificial application of water to the soil. This process is achieved through components such as pumps, pipes and tubes, as well as sprinklers, drippers or emitters.

Fertigation is the application of fertilizer or nutrients with irrigation water. These systems commonly utilize drippers or emitters. Fertigation is sometimes referred to as micro or trickle irrigation. The major advantage of this process is that fertilizer can be applied directly to the root zone of the plant. In addition, accurate control over timing and volume ensures delivery when it is most needed, minimizes waste and can flush fertilizer from lines and drippers at the end of each cycle. Sprinkler irrigation is less efficient, requires higher pressures (and therefore cost) and is less effective than drip fertigation.

Multiple fertilizer and additive options are available:

  1. A & B solution of nutrients (two dosing pumps required)
  2. Single composition nutrients
  3. Organic fertilizer, including seaweed   

The MixRite range of dosing pumps allows the physical addition of fertilizer at a precise, repeatable ratio. This reduces water headloss and minimizes waste of fertilizer, and servicing can normally be done on site.

MixRite offers a range of dosing pumps to suit any scale of farm. As well as standard hydraulic controlled proportional injection modes, we have electric dosing using 12vdc and solar powered options for remote uses.

Please contact us directly for advice on your irrigation and fertigation needs, or contact your local irrigation suppliers.