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MixRite dosing pumps

These highly durable dosing pumps are designed to be user-friendly, low-maintenance, and exceptionally dependable. Whether you’re a farmer, industrial expert, or involved in the food and beverage sector, MixRite metering pumps and inline dispensers bring accuracy and efficiency to irrigation, dosing, animal welfare, as well as hygiene and sanitation. 

Clients who have used MixRite dosing pumps are the best judges of their effectiveness as well as our support and after-sales service. So read what some of our customers have had to say about our clever metering pumps.

Read what our clients have to say…

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“We milk 1400 cows through two herringbone sheds, so we need reliable gear that doesn’t break down and need to be sent away for repairs all the time. The maintenance costs on our old dosing pumps were very high and we just had to find a better option for dosing our cows with minerals. The issue for us is that our water has quite high levels of Manganese and Iron in it. Even with a pre-filter, the wear and tear on the old units was a massive challenge once we pumped in other minerals for the cows like Magnesium. We were spending between $500 and $1000 a year on maintaining each one of the old pumps. Now we’re able to handle most of the maintenance of the MixRite units ourselves. It’s been a great investment.”

John Titter, dairy farmer near Winton, Southland.

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“We have a (TF10) Mixrite dosing system installed in the water system on farm. Due to some previous poor management of the water infrastructure, we were having some major issues with water and getting the dosing going correctly. I made phone call to Amir at 3.30 one afternoon after not being able to get the dosing system running correctly and Amir made the 2 hour journey and had us up and running at 9am the following morning. The service we received from Amir was top notch, super prompt and the information and advice he gave was absolutely on point. I can highly recommend the doser, and even more importantly, the service provided by Amir and MixRite NZ”.

Carl MacDonald, 50/50 sharemilker of 400 cows, in Waipu, Northland.

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“We have been dealing with Amir from Mixrite for over a decade now. I am very satisfied with their genuine and honest dealings. The servicing is done fast and parts are always available. We currently have 10 dosing units for our operation (all MixRite) and will look to MixRite if we need to expand”.

Ravi Saini, Director at Rupex Vegetable Seeds & Plug Plants, Pukekohe

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“We decided to incorporate the MixRite MR3510 doser unit into our CNC machining coolant mixing process. It has increased our mixing accuracy and decreased our machine downtime by simply having readily mixed coolant available. An extremely versatile and reliable product! The technical advice from MixRite was “on point” and it was a breeze working with them.

Thank you MixRite NZ! We can definitely recommend their products and services”.

Reg Cox, Machinist Foreman

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We farm 450 cows in the Waikato, We were running the other top brand of dosing unit and kept having endless problems , so we decided to change to MixRite TF10 and the TF/SMS4, and haven’t looked back , Peace of mind knowing the correct dosage every day Is given, and with the sms text system you know when you have a water leak so your not wasting product and empty water tanks. We installed another easy switch to turn water pump off remotely, so when we get a text water alarm, I can turn pump off no matter where I am, You get a text alert when container needs filling, and when there is no suction when you’re not on farm you can direct staff to sort it”.


MixRite dosing pumps find widespread use across multiple industries and applications in New Zealand where precise dosing of liquids is essential for efficient operations, productivity, and quality control.


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