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Industrial Applications

MixRite Dosing Pumps are the perfect solution for a wide variety of industrial applications

Metal processing for cutting & cooling oil, lubricating & adding chemicals into water lines and tanks.

Odour Suppression for farming, landfill, waste disposal and water treatment plants via dosage of odour suppression products into fogging and misting systems.

Mining, Drilling and Marine applications, adding Salt-Away to wash & rinse waterlines and jet sprayers to protect against rust.

Printing Industry through the addition of water softeners and dyes to printing equipment.

Automobile industry, car & truck washing bay for injecting soap & detergents.

metering pump
metering oil pump

MixRite dosing pumps simplify industrial processes 

The Tefen MixRite water-powered metering pumps have proven their worth in over 90 countries, providing a reliable, innovative, and sustainable solution tailored to customer needs.

Durability in challenging environments

Our products are built to withstand the toughest conditions. Designed for applications demanding high chemical resistance, these pumps offer unparalleled durability. Built from engineered composite materials, these water-driven proportional dosing pumps and injectors withstand environmental elements, chemicals, and acids. 

Installing, operating, and maintaining MixRite pumps is straightforward. 

Versatile solution for various industries

The versatility of Tefen’s MixRite metering pumps lies in their ability to provide accurate and proportional dosing across a range of applications. Easily adaptable, these pumps cater to a variety of different industries and can easily be set to suit specific tasks.

Proportional dosing:
The MixRite pumps provide proportional dosing, meaning they inject a consistent and predetermined amount of additive relative to the water flow. 

Adjustable injection rates:
Users can adjust the injection rates of the pumps to meet specific requirements. This flexibility allows for precise control over the dosage, accommodating different application scenarios.

Key industrial uses of MixRite dosing pumps

1 .  Industrial dust and odour suppression:

Tackle dust and unpleasant odours and breathe easier. By injecting dust suppressants and odour-neutralising agents, MixRite pumps can help mitigate unpleasant smells and reduce airborne particles in industrial settings, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment.

2.  Top-quality solutions for the printing industry

For printed promotional material, newspapers, magazines, books or packaging, MixRite technology is a proven solution to dosing needs throughout the graphic chain. From the preparation of water for softening, re-mineralisation, pH regulation, and addition of wetting agents to the processing of paper, the dosing operations determine the final quality of the printing and the efficiency of the process.

MixRite dispensers guarantee precision and repeatability for dosing operations regardless of the pressure and flow variations in the water network. The ease of implementation and adjustment of the dosage, self-priming, and compatibility with viscous additives is why MixRite has been the top choice in the market for nearly 20 years.

3.  Coolant injection and cutting oil applications

In industrial processes demanding precise temperature control, MixRite pumps inject coolants, optimising equipment performance.

MixRite dosing pumps give the precise delivery of cutting oils and metalworking fluids, boosting efficiency and productivity. 

Our pumps contribute to reduced friction, the longer life of cutting and drilling equipment, and overall efficiency in metalworking processes. The controlled, accurate oil delivery improves surface finish, prevents overheating, and help with chip removal.

A cut above the rest, leading factories across the globe rely on MixRite™ to deliver a precise and consistent flow of cutting oil.

4.  Drilling and mining industry

Our versatile, durable pumps contribute to efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability in industrial processes globally. No more inconsistencies, just outstanding dosing repeatability and homogeneity, guaranteeing reliable performance in every operation. 

Regulate industrial processes through the precise injection of crucial additives. 

Save valuable time and effort as you manage your dosing processes smoothly. MixRite’s hydraulic, volumetric, and non-electric metering pumps provide precision dosing and consistent results. The dosing accuracy remains consistent, unaffected by pressure and flow variations in the network.

MixRite metering pump

Join countless satisfied customers who have transformed their operations with MixRite precision.


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