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Livestock & Animal Health

MixRite dosing pumps for enhanced animal management practices and overall farm success.

MixRite dosing pumps for animal health 

Absolute control of treatments through drinking water. 

MixRite dosing pumps deliver consistent and accurate amounts of zinc, copper, magnesium and anti-bloat, animal health, and overall productivity. Each drop our pumps dispense to the water supply for livestock is a carefully measured dose, so your animals receive the right treatment at the right time.

Antibiotics, probiotics, enzymes or vaccinations for poultry, pigs, deer, cattle, dairy cows and sheep can be administered in the correct dosages, regardless of changes in flow or pressure.

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A better way to administer water-soluble doses 

MixRite can meet almost any dosage need in virtually any type of livestock operation. From the largest of mature dairy herds to the low flow needed to medicate day-old chicks, the variety of injection ratios and designs gives precision mixing of additives. When required, the dose adjustment is quick and easy. 

Eco-friendly farming solutions

Our water-driven dosage pumps eliminate the need for external power sources, making them energy-efficient and cost-effective. The pump starts working automatically when water flows in and stops when the flow stops. Pumps are available for high- and low-pressure systems as well as gravity-fed systems.

Spend less time on your equipment and more time tending to your business.

Our medicators are the easiest, most reliable way to medicate your livestocks’ drinking water safely and accurately and with minimal maintenance. Reduce the need for manual mixing and application of medications and additives. You’ll save time and there will be less hands-on labour required in the daily management of the farm. 

Typically, the pump is installed to deliver directly into the main water line feeding the drinking trough. Soluble additives such as zinc, magnesium, copper and anti-bloat formulas can be accurately inserted into the water line, maintaining animal health and keeping stock in prime condition regardless of weather or ground conditions.

Made of the highest quality materials (UV stabilised plastics, plastic and Hastelloy springs, Viton seals) these pumps are inexpensive to maintain. A holding bracket and suction tube are supplied, as well as a spare seal kit for easy, on-site servicing.

Keeping animals healthy and disease-free is vital

That’s why farmers prefer MixRite dosage pumps. If you’re looking for a solution to help you get the most out of your equipment investment, then MixRite is the top choice!


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