Livestock & animal health

MixRite dosing pumps allow the efficient and precise addition of soluble medications and supplements into farm animals’ drinking water lines. This process is suitable for cows, sheep, poultry, pigs and others.

The hydraulic proportional dosing pumps do not require power or water meters. Additionally, dosage will always be at the selected ratio regardless of changes in flow or pressure.

All common soluble additives like zinc, magnesium, copper and anti-bloat formula are accurately inserted into the water line for animal consumption. This ensures stock is healthy and kept in best condition regardless of weather or ground conditions.

Typically the pump is installed to deliver directly into the main water line feeding the drinking trough. With this, a holding bracket and suction tube are supplied, as well as a spare seal kit. This facilitates easy, on-site servicing.

Pumps are available for both high pressure systems as well as low pressure and ‘gravity’ pumps, which require minimal pressure/head.

So if your old dosing pump is no longer serviceable, or is too expensive to keep going, please contact us. We will find the best option for your flow, pressure, function and ratio requirements.