TF and MR ranges

MixRite Proportional Dosing Pumps created by Tefen provide accurate, reliable and adjustable delivery of additives, and are available in a variety of sizes. View the full catalogue here.

TF-5 Parts and Kits

TF-10 Parts and Kits

TF-25 Parts and Kits

MR2501 Parts and Kits

MR2502 Parts and Kits

MR2504 Parts and Kits

MR2504 PVDF Parts and Kits

Parts and kits for the TF-5, TF-10, TF-25, TF 2502, TF 2504 and 2508 are available, we can also service your pumps if you send them to us. We also have a troubleshooting guide, and encourage on-site repairs and problem solving whenever possible.

Please call us or email for any assistance.